Luci sul '900
Piano di Rosia, Magnelli A.


Luci sul '900. The centenary of the modern art gallery in the Palazzo Pitti 1914-2014

Since October 28, 2014 to March 8, 2015


FROM THE PRESS RELEASE: One hundred years after its foundation, the Gallery of Modern Art, Pitti Palace exhibits and tells his collections of '900': "century of innovative fervor, tears of cultural (And not only), tragedies and reconstructions, a century in the arts which has guided our contemporary world of the twenty-first century,a century deeply shaped by the experiences inherited" (Cristina Acidini).


To celebrate the centenary of its foundation, the Modern Art Gallery of Palazzo Pitti in Firenze, has dedicated an exhibition to the twentieth-century collections held by the museum. In fact, despite the Gallery of Modern Art is known for being the museum boasting the largest and most remarkable collection of "macchiaioli" paintings in the world. It is likely that not everyone knows about the collection of twentieth-century works until now, cause it's been confined and stored up.


Admission: € 8,50, reduced € 4,25


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