Fiorentino Sunday ... 2014
La Domenica del Fiorentino 2014

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Fiorentino Sunday

One Sunday a month, from September to December, civic Museums in Florence are free to locals


Back in September 'Fiorentino Sunday', an initiative that is part of the program "Un bacione a Firenze", which provides free admission to all the Civic Museums of Florence for local citizens, wherever resident and living in Florence and province.

A nice free of charge chance to look in on some of the most remarkable museums in the world. The chosen Sundays are:


- September 14

- October 12

- November 9

- December 14


The museums involved in the initiative (and related schedules) are as follows:


- Museum of Palazzo Vecchio, 9-24 hours.

- Stefano Bardini Museum, 11-17 hours

- Brancacci Chapel, 13-17 hours

- Santa Maria Novella, 13-17 hours

- Fondazione Salvatore Romano, 10-16 hours


To avoid unpleasant surprises, we report box office closing-time:


- Museum of Palazzo Vecchio: one hour before the museum closes

- Santa Maria Novella 45 minutes before museum closing

- All other museums half an hour before closing time.


Finally, remember that to join on Sunday you'll need to hand out your id card or a pass called "Un bacione". Those who have already participated in previous 'Sundays' already have it, otherwise you can always turn to the Public Relations Office (URP) and request it. Every prior Monday to each date on the calendar the program of the events and activities (also free of charge) will be published. Which you will be able to carry out only by reservation.


For information and reservations:

055 2768224 – 055 2768558

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