L'Aviazione: Man v/s food

Interno del locale che si snoda su due piani

L'Aviazione Campo di Marte: Man versus food ... italian way ;-)

     Who does not know Man vs Food, the U.S. broadcast aired on Dmax which sees the protagonist engaged in continuous cooking challenges with American rather debatable food? If these are the kind of challenges that stir your embers, “L’Aviazione Campo di Marte” is the place for you. Located next to the Costoli swimming pool at the Mandela Forum in Florence. The name tells its own tale  about the passion behind this Restaurant: Aircrafts! 

      Pizza lovers shouldn't miss out on the XXL jutting pizza and its mind-boggling size!! On top of that, “L’Aviazione Campo di Marte" is most famous for its burgers. That's why the owner thought straight merging aviation and hamburgers for a real double dare Man vs Food style. This specific dare requires the ransack of a Royal meat (Chianina breed) hamburger of 2.2 pounds called Airbus A380! Will you meet the challenge? Let us know ...


Ristorante L'Aviazione Campo di Marte

Via Malta 4, 50137 Firenze

Tel. 055 5381058