Da Padellina: Dining out with... Dante!

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Dining out with... Dante!

    Have you ever eaten the Royal Florentine steak? Have you ever heard the "Divine Commedy" chanted by an enlightened man of our time? Well,the chance to seize on both ventures  is provided by the restaurant "Da Padellina" located in Strada in Chianti.

     The notorious owner (Alvaro), a great lover of the "renowned poet", as well as having one of the most delicious steaks you will ever find, he will also offer you a majestic poetical performance ... The prices are average, proportionate to the quality of what you are going to eat in a rural atmosphere.

     We're sure you will be impressed by the quality of the main dishes and desserts.


Ristorante Da Padellina

Corso del Popolo 54

Strada in Chianti - 50027 GREVE IN CHIANTI (FI)

Tel. 055 858388 - ristorantepadellina@gmail.com