Obikà: outstanding pizza and beer

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Outstanding pizza and beer ... Obikà!



                       ......Neapolitan tradition combined with a quest for the best ingredients in a genuine special place: stone ground wheat, sourdough, and dairy products DOP, all propped up with a native craft beer served as Champagne (ice&bucket). This is the Obikà, located in one of the oldest royal mansion in Florence, dating back to the Late Middle Ages "Palazzo Tornabuoni". (the palace name took after the family owner)

                       ......In the Neapolitan language Obikà is the way to point out something amazing, like a still dripping freshly-made mozzarella ready to be relished.

                       ......Obikà combine the best Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP with selected products from farms and farm crafts: organic tomatoes, bronze wire-drawn pasta, biodynamic wines and much more..

                       ......Recipes are simple and authentic, according to the tradition handed down for centuries, presented in a contemporary way.


Ristorante Pizzera Obikà

Via dé Tornabuoni 16 - 50123 Firenze

Tel. 055.2773526 - - mail: