Malbacco natural pools

Welcome to Malbacco!

Malbacco natural pools

     If you are looking for somewhere different and special to spend a summer day, Malbacco natural pools (a small country town of Serravazza), is located at the base of Alpi Apuane Mountains. Even if you are just minutes away from Versilia, is not easy to find them and get there either, but the effort will be richly rewarded. You don't buy it? Well, take a peek at these pictures we carefully took for your amusement:

     The first series of 'pools' of the river Serra are easy enough to find, just follow these guidelines: 

From Camaiore Capezzano Pianore go and take Sarzanese street that leads to Pietrasanta. Here are two possibilities:

1. Through the center of Pietrasanta continuing straight ahead along a bank of the river and go towards Vallecchia. Cross Vallecchia, continue straight ahead, cross a bridge and  then turn right.

2. From Pietrasanta, take the Aurelia road to Querceta. At the second traffic light, take the underpass and go to Monti. Moving from Pozzi continue toward Monti. Cross Ripa.

Then from here on the path is the same:

Once you pass Corvaia, shortly after there is a fork, on the right there is an iron bridge (do not take it!), take the road to the left and go straight, pass Seravezza, and then Riomagno and then there's Malbacco. Continue straight on, from the sign Malbacco end, after about 1.2 km you will find the first puddle on the left. You can park in the space to the left.

     The 'pool' provides a chance to dive from a 10 to 15 meters natural water slide (as you can see from the photo, it was created by the ongoing water) is a tad more complicated to find.

From the sign "Welcome to the Regional Park of the Alpi Apuane" (from the first series of 'pools' on the River) continue straight for another 2 km until you find the sign on the left (see photo). Park the car, take the walking trail that goes down into the woods and after about 10 minutes you will find the paradise of Malbacco.

     Finally, it's wise to visit Malbacco between 11.00-16.00 (a lunch box is ideal) water is cold, but around that time is pleasing thanks to the heat of summertime.